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A radiographic procedure working with contrast materials to visualize the spinal column and its contents. Begin to see the Myelography site For more info.

CT enterography is a Exclusive sort of computed tomography (CT) imaging executed with distinction material to provide images with the tiny intestine. See the CT Enterography page To learn more. curettage

The cavity that exists in between the lungs and underneath the upper body wall. It is actually Typically empty, with the lung quickly against the inside on the upper body wall. In a few diseases, fluid can Create up in this Room (a pleural effusion).

In brachytherapy cure of cancer, a means of offering a sealed radioactive compound to the website of a tumor inside the human body, such as a catheter, very small needle or applicator. densitometry

A take a look at that records the electrical activity of the center; it can be utilized to help diagnose specific coronary heart abnormalities.

An examination on the lower rectum as well as prostate gland in males to check for abnormalities. The time period "digital" refers back to the clinician's use of a lubricated finger to perform the Examination.

Colorectal most cancers is most cancers that varieties in the big intestine (colon or rectum), within the lower part of the human body’s digestive tract, a protracted twisting tube that extends through the mouth towards the anus.

Inside of your appendix where by mucus, made because of the appendix, travels and empties into the big intestines.

A camera that information the distribution of radiation emitted from the chemical containing a radionuclide which is interested in a selected organ or tissue of curiosity.

A wire coil that may be inserted through a smaller plastic tube into the rectum as Portion of a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Test to obtain a lot more specific images of the prostate gland or other inner overall body structures.

A moderately severe Serious inflammation (swelling) on the intestine, Specifically from the compact intestine, of mysterious result in, involving the obstruction from the lessen Component of the tiny intestine and less routinely other portions of the gastrointestinal tract.

Amongst a category of medicines called antiplatelet prescription drugs Click Here that aid avert destructive blood clots that could lead to coronary heart assaults or strokes.

A muscle disorder characterized by muscle weak spot that usually leads to the deterioration of muscle mass. narcotic

A minimally invasive diagnostic test that involves the elimination of a small number of cerebrospinal fluid—the fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal twine—or an injection of medication or A further substance in to the lumbar (or reduced) region on the spinal column.

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